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Honoring the Life Force
8-Series Pranayama Intensive
with Dr. Tammy Bosler, RYT-500

“The Breath is Central to Yoga because
The Breath is Central to Life… and
Yoga is about Life”
T. Krishnamacharya

Where there is breath, there is Life.  This simple concept is at the heart of ancient teachings of Pranayama (the practice of moving life energy).  The breath communicates information about the body, and this year is a chance to learn to speak that language to understand ourselves on a deeper level.

This 8-series of workshops will explore classical breathing practice from the basics to more subtle understanding of life energy through connecting with and honoring the life force through the breath.

Each workshop will introduce information about Pranayama practices, and we will also have an experience of Asana (yoga postures) to prepare the breath for Pranayama.  
Additionally, home study projects will be offered each session.  
Those who chose to join each session will have a program of 9 months of guided Pranayama practice to support deep integration of learning.

The first 4-sessions (Part I) will be the foundations of Pranayama including the following topics:
Directional flow of breath
Breath adaptation in Asana
Breath threshold development (the length of one breath)
Pranayama techniques (different ways to valve the flow of breath)
Krama techniques (fragmenting the breath)
Mantra Japa (using sacred sounds to guide the mind in Pranayama)

The second 4-sessions (Part II) will focus on the Energetics and Applications of Pranayama including the following topics:
Pranayama Ratio
Principles of Bhramana & Langhana (nourishing or cleansing with the breath)
Learning the “Five Prana” chant
Classic Pranayama Teachings
Therapeutic applications

Part I
May 6, 28
July 2, 23

Part II
October 1, 22 (at Spatzengässchen)
November 12
December 3

Individual Workshops (Drop-in) 45€
4-Classes - 160€
8-Series - 300€
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