Bowspring Weekend Intensive with Elisha Jane


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Das Weekend Intensive besteht aus insgesamt 9 Einheiten. Du kannst entweder den ganzen Workshop buchen, oder dir einzelne Einheiten aussuchen. Ausnahme: die beiden Atem-Workshops (conscious connected breathing) bauen aufeinander auf. Deswegen kann man Teil 2 nicht ohne Teil 1 buchen.


Freitag, 31.1.2020

17 - 19 Uhr: Masterclass

An all Levels Bowspring class for practitioners with some experience with the method.

Samstag, 1.2.2020

9 - 10 Uhr: Slow Bow

A slower pace, longer, pulsing holds, and diving into your favourite juicy openers. This class is all about slow openings and gentle movements- creating a kind, nurturing, and delicious space for you to wake up into. This is a strong level one class with a lot of space to feel into your body and move toward your own intuitive sensations. Moving slow is not moving without intention and strength, expect to be mindfully aware and engaged. 

10:30 - 12:30: Inversions, wall, arm balances

A variety of inversions, wall work, and arm balances will be explored. This offering will be slightly mixed with some twists, binds, and belly for balance- but, the primary focus will be on going upside down and utilizing the wall. 

14:30 - 16 Uhr: Bow Flow

My bowspring class is free, playful, and flowing. We move in strong, challenging ways while remaining pleasantly balanced and mindfully engaged. You can expect to sweat, laugh, and move with divine feminine flow. I always play moving music that will fit beautifully with the pulse of the class. The class will work from a strong bowspring foundation, allowing plenty of space for personal expansion, freedom, and moving into spaces of intuitive sensing and feeling. 

16:30 - 17:30 Uhr: Intro to conscious connected breathing

Increase Body Awareness, Deepen Lung Capacity, Improve Nerve Function, Release Unprocessed Emotions, Regulate Nervous System, and Create More Ease and Flow.

Sonntag, 2.2.2020

10 - 11 Uhr: Rise and shine bow

A warming class to wake you up on Sunday morning. Soft, supported, creative, and loving. The class will start slow and move into a delicious flow. The perfect way to rise and shine on Sunday morning. This class will include lots of twists and belly openers to seamlessly glide us into the workshop. It is my favourite style of class! 

11:30 - 13 Uhr: Twists, binds and belly

I am an experiential teacher and I am creating all the time. All of the poses that I teach, I have a great handle on within my own body. Twists, binds, and belly openers- are the yummiest aspect of bowspring, in my opinion! We will dive deep into some of the most useful tips and tricks to making these feel great and safe in your body. This session will also include some inversions and wall work which require the openness of twists and belly to be successful. 

14 - 15:30 pm: Slow bow

This will be an even slower bowspring offering- we will spend some time on the sides, tummy, and back- and stretch it out! 

16 - 18 Uhr: Conscious connected breathing 2

Increase Body Awareness, Deepen Lung Capacity, Improve Nerve Function, Release Unprocessed Emotions, Regulate Nervous System, and Create More Ease and Flow.

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch


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